Red Flags When Choosing Your Vendors: Series Part III

French's Point
Published April 30th, 2013

This is an area that is often overlooked when couples are hiring vendors. You may think that hiring your cousin’s band or your uncle who is a great photographer is a good idea, but when it comes to the logistics of your event, you don’t want to leave any room for possible mishaps. We make sure that all of our vendors are properly insured and certified, and you should do the same.

Part III. They Don’t Have Insurance or Licenses

Having proper insurance is something that many DIY brides don’t think about until the last minute. It is one of the many details that can make or break a great wedding experience.

Insurance is required for all vendors but is especially important for vendors who have expensive equipment like photographers, musicians and lighting/tent rentals. You don’t want your great-aunt to be responsible for replacing a 200 year old violin that was recklessly left on a stool by a forgetful musician.

Insurance is also in place with all vendors to ensure the safety of your guests. If your guest trips over poorly set-up mic cords from a DJ booth or a guest gets sick from a caterers food, they should never be responsible.

If you are hiring your own vendors, ask for a copy of their license and insurance with the signed copy of the contract. We keep extra copies of all our vendors licenses and up to date insurance information as a part of our services.

As a full-service event planner and venue, we don’t take any chances with insurance and luckily, have never had a single issue. But, we’ve heard too many horror stories of weddings gone VERY wrong by poorly prepared vendors.