Red Flags When Choosing Your Vendors: Series Part IV: They Won’t Negotiate a Good Contract

French's Point
Published May 7th, 2013

We’ve talked about 3 major flags when hiring people for your wedding. It may seem like you are prying or asking too many questions, but these are the questions that could save you a lot of headaches, time and money. We want your big day to go without any complications. That process starts with the contract you negotiate. Most brides look quickly over the contract that is put in front of them, before signing and moving on. But just keep in mind, if the contract is written by the vendor, they are keeping their best interests in mind, not necessarily yours. Take the time and do some research before signing the contract to make sure your needs are met and you are fully protected. It will give you peace of mind during your big day.

4. They Won’t Negotiate a Good Contract

Every vendor needs to have a signed contract. No exceptions.

The biggest mistake most brides make is not having the time to really read and negotiate contracts with their vendors. By signing the first contract that your vendor has handed you with little consideration leaves you at risk. A vendor contract is primarily designed to look out for their best interest. Don’t assume they are looking out for your best interest.

Know what you are looking for in a great vendor and don’t take anything less. Can they provide a replacement if they are sick or in an emergency? Do they require meals, hot meals? Are they allowed to drink at the event?  Are you compensating for their travel? Are taxes and fees included in the cost? Is pricing conveyed clearly?

This is when having a planner becomes very helpful. You really need to consider the ramifications of the contract in the overall success and cost of your event.

Don’t just skim it over and sign it. Push back on the things that could affect the success of your wedding day, the timeline, and the cost. Negotiation is absolutely acceptable and expected in the wedding industry.