Review Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors
Published November 28th, 2016

As the warm-weather wedding season here in Maine draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all the incredible wedding vendors who worked at French’s Point this summer. We had the great honor of hosting many wonderful celebrations so far this year; one of our busiest seasons yet! And each one of those weddings brought together a team of vendors that collaborated to ensure our mutual clients had the wedding of their dreams.

Why Should I Write a Wedding Vendor Review

Most couples are interested in five things before booking a wedding vendor: location, photos, prices, availability and REVIEWS! Think back to when you were searching for your wedding vendors. What was one of the most useful tools to help you decide whom to hire? If you said, reading reviews from past couples, then you know what I’m going to say next. The very best way to thank your vendors is to write them a review of their services. Each positive review they receive helps them grow their business and helps more couples find and hire them. Whether you choose to review them on WeddingWire, TheKnot, Google or Facebook, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that your vendors receive a heartfelt “Thank you!” for all their hard work. To make it easy for you, if you wrote them a thank you note or thank you email, just copy and paste the note into one of the review collectors. We know it takes time and energy and thought, but the few moments of kindness you share will go far in terms of positively affecting each member of your wedding team.

Hints for Writing a Good Review

Now that you realize the importance of a positive review*, here are a few hints to assist you to write a helpful review. Think about answering some of these questions:

  • Why did you hire this vendor?
  • What made this vendor so special?
  • How did he/she meet and exceed your expectations?
  • What specifically did he/she do to impress you?
  • Why would you hire this vendor again?
  • Why would you recommend him/her to another couple getting married?

Reviews don’t have to be lengthy, but they should be heartfelt. Specific details and personal anecdotes make for the best reviews. Think of each review as a present for your wedding vendor, because it really is a great gift!

From the French’s Point team to all of you, “Thank you for choosing our family-owned wedding venue for your Maine wedding!”

Featured image of the Fire & Co. catering team by Jamie Mercurio Photography.

*If you had a positive review tell the whole world, if you had a challenging experience it’s always best to speak to your vendor in private.