Setting Your Wedding Budget

French's Point Wedding
Published May 20th, 2014

Hailey Tash Photography

Defining a wedding budget may not be the most romantic part of the big day, but it’s an essential component of the planning process. Couples who come to French’s Point are curious about the ocean views and immaculate grounds, but they also want to learn about costs and the bottom line, no matter the size of their budget.

In this two-part blog post series, we will outline both the service you will get with your French’s Point wedding, as well as the range of costs for a wedding day event.

We know how overwhelming all those wedding packages out there can be…(my fireman husband suggests it is much like taking a drink from a fire hose), with the many different structures and fees together with the variety of venues available, processing which decision is best for you can be very difficult!

In awareness of this reality, we try to keep things simple. Rather than confuse clients with numerous fees, we pride ourselves on providing an honest, complete estimate right upfront. You won’t see any hidden fees here…cake-cutting costs, cleaning charges, or the most nebulous seen to date, the “Incidental Fee.”

French’s Point is very aware of what other venues in our market are offering and charging for their services. We conduct a quarterly competitive analysis to be certain that we are offering the best value and services to our clients. The results guide our growth and development each year and put shape to the cost of our packages.

So, what does it cost for a wedding at French’s Point? While the answer to this question is entirely up to the couple hosting their event (as our services are customized around their preferences), this post is meant to give you an idea of where your wedding might ring up to.

The cost of a wedding at French’s Point Estate depends on your number of guests, the time of year/day of the week you choose to host your event, and the cuisine and beverage selections. However, the largest cost compounder is the size of your guest list of course.

Please contact our sales office to discuss a customized proposal for your event.

In the next post in this series, we will provide more detail about our services and what is included in our wedding day celebrations.