Spring Bloomage at French’s Point

Spring Bloomage
Published February 7th, 2012

Spring is fast approaching, the season when the beauty of French’s Point 14 acres of lushly landscaped gardens and lawns is in full display. My mother, Bonita Brooks, is the French’s Point Landscape Developer. Here’s mom’s list of some of the flowers that will be in bloom during the spring. (Stay tuned for more seasonal updates on what’s in bloom at French’s Point!)

Daffodils — yellow
Dianthus — pink and red
Flowering Crab Apple Trees — deep pink and white
Forsythia — yellow
Fruit Trees — pink and white
Hyacinth – pink, white, blue
Lilac Bushes and Trees — pink, cream, white, blue, purple
Lily of the Valley (heirlooms from my great grandmother’s and my grandmother’s gardens) — pink and white
Nishiki Trees and Shrubs — coral pink
Phlox — red, pink, blue, white
Rhododendron — lavender, pink, white

*At French’s Point, we eagerly await not only our blossoming flower beds but the harvesting of our 8,000 square-foot organic gardens at Beach Rose Farm. This year we plan to add even more of these fresh and local ingredients to our cuisine. Yum!

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