Summer in Bloom on French’s Point

Summer in Bloom
Published February 16th, 2012

Summer in Maine is absolutely unparalleled. The warm, sunny days cooled just right by the salty sea breeze. The striking blue sky over a verdant landscape showered by the occasional light rain. The long days perfect for hiking, sailing, or just lounging on the beach. Here at French’s Point, our summer garden is in full bloom during the Pine Tree State’s warmest months. When you come by, be sure to look for the following summer flowers and fruits:
Artemisia — pink
Astilbe — pink and white
Azalea — pink, peach, and white
Bee Balm — pink
Blueberries — pink and white
Bridal Veil — white
Clematis — pink, white, and blue
Columbine — pink, white, and blue
Coral Bells — pink
Daylilies — pink, white, peach, and yellow
Delphinium — blue
Dianthus — pink
Gladiolus — pink, yellow, and white
Hollyhock — pink, blue, and white
Hosta Bleeding Heart — fern varieties
Hydrangea (several varieties) — pink, white, blue, and mixed colors
Lamium — pink and white
Lupine — pink, white, and blue
Magnolias — pink and white
Monkshood — pink
Mulberries — pink
Pansies — various color mixes
Peonies — pink and white
Perennial Geranium — blue
Potentilla — pink, white, and variegated
Pulmonaria — pink and white
Raspberries — pink
Roses (rugosa, climbers, and floribundas) — deep pink, white, pale pink,
fuchsia, and yellow
Shasta Daisies — yellow and white
Spirea — pink
Strawberries — white
Summersweet — pink
Tall Phlox — pink, white, and blue
Viburnum — pink
Violets — purple and white
Weigela — deep pink
Yucca — white