Ten Year Wedding Anniversary

10 Year Winter Wedding Anniversary
Published March 21st, 2018

“I took one look at you

That’s all I meant to do

And my heart stood still.”

– Lorenz Hart “My Heart Stood Still”

Somehow, in the blink of an eye, ten years of marriage has come to pass between my soul mate and me. Life has been so busy with four small (but growing) children, lots of family, perpetual changes and busy careers in family businesses. We don’t take the time we should to pause and honor of these milestones. I often feel too busy to breathe in these moments, let alone be still in them and soak them in. Well, this year, we decided we needed to do just that. We are learning, after all. We knew we could not take that honeymoon we have been putting off all this time. But we carved out a beautiful afternoon and made some memories together. Thank you to our talented friends for helping us feel the love and see the magic that remains and grows with each passing day: Greta Tucker Photography, Flora Fauna, Jessica Candage, Blush Bridal.