The Retreat House Suite 3: The Gay Bean Dion Suite

Gay Bean Dion Suite
Published May 21st, 2018

As we do almost every winter, this season was spent completing a number of major maintenance and repair projects to keep our beautiful buildings and grounds in top working order. We also completed a major renovation to the bedroom suites on the second and third floors of the Retreat House. I have shared with you the details of the newly refurbished Top Level Apartment in the Retreat House, Suite 1 and Suite 2, both located on the second floor, in recent posts.

The second level of the Retreat House now offers four newly renovated suites with en suite bathrooms and six total bedrooms on this floor. All of the rooms on the top, second-level and main floor of the Retreat House have been dedicated to family members and dear friends that played a key role in our stewardship of this property. Suite 3- The Gay Bean Dion Suite is our largest suite with a massive ocean view deck with hammock, hammock chairs, cafe table and chairs to take in the views. The room also offers a sitting area and an en suite bathroom with tub/shower unit.

When we first opened the Retreat House in 2006, I had connected with a childhood friend that had grown up here on the point with my father in the summer times. Her name is Gay Bean Dion. She became a very dear friend and worked very hard to help get the Retreat House up and running. My children know her as “Nanny Gay”. She just recently moved to Rhode Island to be closer to family and we miss her (and her cookies). I dedicated the room to her because she was such a good friend and like a mother to me in some ways. The views from this room really are remarkable, just like Gay. This room is special to me because I lived in it for a time with my wee little girl, Bailey. She learned to walk in this room. Her swinging cradle made by my father used to hang next to my bed and the breeze blowing in from the ocean rocked her to sleep on summer nights.

We will share the details of the other Retreat House Suites  & enhancements in upcoming posts. We hope you love them as much as we do.