CEO Corner: Tiny Touches That Make Your Wedding Unique

French's Point
Published February 21st, 2012

Often my clients want a mix of distinction and tradition at their wedding, that nod to tradition that is also stamped with their own personal flair. There are of course countless ways to add tiny touches to your wedding day to make it unique. Here are a few of my favorites:

Music: YouTube has shown us that there is more than one way to walk (or boogie) down the aisle. One of the most dramatic changes to a traditional ceremony can come from selecting a song other than “Here Comes the Bride” for the wedding march. You and your partner can choose a song together that speaks to your relationship, or perhaps one that reminds you of the moment you met, or even one that just makes your hearts soar. Keep in mind the beat should be something all of your procession can keep up with, so slow’s often the way to go. Though, again, YouTube has shown us that even hip hop can do in the right hands.

Flowers: Personalize the bridesmaids’ bouquets by creating individual bouquets that include each bridesmaid’s favorite flower or birth month flower then use one of each of these flowers in your own bouquet. The bouquets should be each be monochrome to unify the look.

Food: Guests often appreciate a nod to the regional cuisine, especially at destination weddings. And if you’re in a place with robust cuisine culture like Maine, why not? Here at French’s Point, we often have requests to include clam chowder (known in this neck of the woods as ‘chowdah’), lobster (‘lobstah’) or even Maine’s Official State Treat the Whoopie Pie. Ayum!

Favors: The wedding favor is your chance to send your guests away with a memento of you and your day, so here’s another great opportunity for substantive personalization. Some couples provide sweets or other small treats from special parts of the globe in a tin or other keepsake container, with a small note explaining why the food was selected. You could hire a photographer or caricature artist to capture candid moments on-the-spot. Or you could forgo the traditional favor altogether and make a small donation in each guest’s name to your favorite charity.

Talent: Many of us are lucky enough to have musically gifted friends and it’s often a touching and personal addition to a reception to invite those musicians to perform a few songs. Remember that these performances require some rehearsal, so ask your musician friends well in advance whether they’d be open to playing the music you request. You might also ask when during the reception your musician friends would prefer to perform since some might want to perform early so they can then let loose with their friends.

– Jessika Brooks Brewer, CEO