Tips for Being a Great Wedding Guest

wedding celebration
Published September 4th, 2013

You may not be a part of the wedding party, or a vendor working at the event, but you’ve still got major responsibilities as a wedding guest. This is a big day for someone in your family or a friend and you want to make sure you hit your mark and make it the greatest day of their life. Here are a few helpful tips to be the greatest wedding guest.

Don’t Wait to RSVP

If you know whether you can attend when you receive your RSVP – fill it out and return it as soon as you can. If you are waiting to finalize travel plans or other logistics, let the couple know so they aren’t waiting anxiously for your reply. They will be able to plan for the correct number of people with caterers, cake makers and other vendors and need an accurate headcount. Everyone has lost an RSVP in a giant pile of mail – don’t let it happen to you!

Know where you need to be and when

It would be great if every guest was invited to each part of the wedding: the bachelor/bachelorette party, the arrival brunch, rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding golf match, etc. but it is likely that some guests will not be invited to smaller family gatherings. If you are unsure of where you are supposed to be and when you should arrive, ask a family member of the couple. They will likely be able to get you the answers you need.

Don’t assume you can bring a guest or kids

Weddings can be expensive, especially when every one of the couple’s single friends invites a plus one. Check and double-check your invitation to see if you are able to bring a guest. You will likely see a … and Guest” at the address of your invitation.

Respect the couple’s plans

A lot of planning went into seating arrangements, reception ideas and other carefully coordinated details. Before you grab a chair and pull it up to a different table, or decide to skip the ceremony and show up for cocktails, consider the delicate plans that went into the day and try your best to be an easy guest. The couple (and wedding coordinator) will greatly thank you.