Vendor Spotlight: The Bob Charest Band

Bob Charest Band
Published October 12th, 2016

French’s Point Estate is thrilled to continue our series of blog posts spotlighting amazing Maine wedding vendors that help to make weddings at our waterfront wedding venue not only successful but truly the embodiment of the experience our clients strive to craft for their family and friends. This series will showcase some of the best providers from our vibrant, talented, dedicated wedding industry community we are so proud to be a part of here in Maine and New England. This group of professional wedding vendors understands and adheres to our guiding principles for the service we endeavor to provide our clients: Be Responsive, Be Kind, Provide Excellent Customer Service, Provide the Very Best Product/Service. Because of these wonderful people, the celebrations here are French’s Point Estate are the stuff of which dreams are made!

The Bob Charest Band is an outstanding, experienced, Maine-based 9-piece performance and wedding band. I met this husband and wife team for the first time back in 2010, and I have been a fan ever since! Bob and Cindy Charest really understand the importance of their role as an integral part of their clients’ wedding experience. They treat their couples the way they would want to be treated and provide excellent customer service. They are kind, engaging, and most importantly, their responsive customer service really sets them apart. They take the time to really get to know their clients. They work closely with their couples on their musical preferences and goals for their event long before their big day. Then, on the wedding day, the band plays just the right songs at just the right time to meet these goals and turn the wedding reception into a party. They respond to what they see on the dance floor in order to keep the floor packed. They entertain the wedding guests and have fun with the crowd while remaining professional. I cannot overstate the importance of a wedding day emcee, and Bob’s emceeing is minimal and tasteful. Bob, Cindy and their excellent, talented crew will set the tone for each stage of your celebration and provide the soundtrack for your event. Meet my friends with the Bob Charest Band.

How long have you been operating your business?

18+ years

How many members are there in your group?

Nine band members – three lead singers, a rhythm section (keyboard, bass, guitar, and drums), and two horn players (trumpet, flugelhorn, and saxes). We also have a soundperson to ensure balanced sound and appropriate volume.

What footprint do you need to provide your service?

Ideally, 24’ across by 12′ deep, but 20′ across by 10′ deep also works. We bring all our own sound equipment and stage lighting.

How many hours of service do you suggest for the wedding day?

It depends on a number of factors. For example, the number of guests attending, the type of dinner service, number of ceremonial details, etc. In general, a wedding reception lasts four hours, so this is the length of time for which we provide our quote for services of the full band. Clients may also opt for live music during cocktails, which can last for an hour to an hour and a half. For this, we offer smaller instrumental ensembles. Wireless microphones and recorded music for the ceremony are also available. If extra playing time is desired, we’re happy to provide quotes and fine-tune performance times to suit any timeline.

Regarding set-up of the band, our crew arrives as early as possible, usually by mid-morning. There is never an extra charge for early set-up; we want to be sure everything is perfectly in order before guests arrive.

What led you to provide wedding entertainment?

We love music and we love people! Our work gives us the opportunity to meet and work with many wonderful clients, as well as fellow wedding professionals. The band’s stylistic and musical versatility allows us to provide something for everyone, making us a natural fit for weddings, which have diverse and multigenerational crowds. It’s exciting to see it all come together with the way our clients have envisioned, and satisfying to know we’ve been a part of such a special and significant day for them and their families.

How would you describe your style?

Personable and professional!

We provide personalized customer service, getting to know our couples and fine-tuning the band’s performance to suit their vision. Bob Charest Band’s repertoire includes all eras and styles of popular music, including contemporary pop, R&B, Motown, funk, classic rock, country, swing, oldies, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and more. Our consistent rehearsal schedule allows us to continually bring in recent dance hits and achieve a high level of authenticity. During the party, we choose songs on the spot, keeping our clients’ preferences in mind while responding to and building upon the crowd’s energy. Band members are accessible and interactive, and those qualities, along with a high level of performance, help create a dance party that has guests saying “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” Our goal is to exceed our clients’ highest expectations every time.

Cindy and Bob Charest
The Bob Charest Band
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The Bob Charest Band

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The Bob Charest Band

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