Vendor Spotlight: From This Day Forward

Published January 14th, 2019

How long have you been operating your business?

I started “From This Day Forward” salon in 1999 to focus on brides looking for on-site makeup services. A salon in Boothbay Harbor had heard about me and asked if I was willing to help with bridal makeup because they didn’t offer that service. I was a makeup artist trainer prior to that for a private label cosmetic company and was ready to take on a new challenge. From there, it was all word-of-mouth around the state and I’ve never had to pay for advertising.

How would you describe your services?

I specialize in the soft, natural look today’s bride is looking for but can get as dramatic as one wants.I offer airbrush or liquid minerals and each client receives a complimentary fresh tube of lipstick to freshen up with during the day and also human hair lashes for those who want them. Some of my clients refer to my demeanor as “laid back, easy to work with and without drama”. I take that as a compliment!

How long does it take per client on their wedding day to do their makeup?

I like to plan on 30 minutes per person, although not everyone takes that long. I also allow a little extra time for those who decide at the last minute that they want theirs done as well.

Would you recommend always doing a trial run before the wedding day for the client? How much does a trial cost?

It’s not necessary for me to do a trial, but it is much more vital to brides, especially those who have had bad experiences having their makeup done professionally in the past—or those who have skin allergies or don’t usually wear makeup. It helps them check one more thing off on their list of concerns before the wedding. Trials are included in the bridal fee.

What would be your most sage advice for a client having an outdoor wedding in Maine?

I offer them advice pertaining to the season they have chosen. Maine is a gorgeous place to get married at any time of the year, but I find some of my destination brides need to plan on the things that they may not be familiar within their own area. Things like fog, mosquitoes, icy conditions, or even heavy rainstorms. I think that is one of the things I admire most about the wedding planners at Frenchs Point, they always have the bride’s back on the unexpected and they take on the stress rather than the bride.

Do you like to see pictures of the client’s attire before the makeup trial? Is it okay for clients to send you photos of makeup styles they like?

One of the things I really enjoy is seeing their dress and accessories. I have always been into fashion and seeing the style they’ve chosen gives me a vision of the look that would be perfect for their big day. Many of my brides have themes such as Gatsby, 1960’s, Old Hollywood, etc. Some haven’t been able to put a name on the look and together we come up with themes like “Romantic”, “Magical”, “Boho”, etc. The artist in me really comes alive when we agree on a look.

Some brides are logistically unable to have a trial before the wedding, so we stay in touch through email and I put all the photos she sends me in a folder to bring along that day. I’ve also had last-minute wedding requests where the bride really hasn’t been able to describe the look she has in mind, but within 10 minutes we’ve figured it out together.

Do you enjoy working on location?

I love working on location! It is a real pleasure to be part of the excitement. By the time I pack up to leave I feel like I’ve been part of their “tribe” and anticipate the photos that I will be able to share on my website. So many times I’ve seen the bride again when she has recommended me to one of her friends. I love that!

What is your favorite day trip in Maine?

I think my favorite is when I travel to an island by ferry. It really brings out the “Maine” spirit that needs to be part of the wedding flair. It’s always a great feeling being asked to perform one of the most important services of their wedding day, regardless of where they may be.

Owner(s) Name:       Cynthia Clayton        

Business Name:         From This Day Forward traveling wedding makeup service

Address:                        11 Grove Street

City/State/Zip:          Rockland, Maine 04841

Phone:                           207-593-7774