Vendor Spotlight: Meg Simone Wedding Films

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Published January 18th, 2017

French’s Point Estate is thrilled to continue our series of blog posts spotlighting amazing Maine wedding vendors that help to make weddings at our waterfront wedding venue not only successful but truly the embodiment of the experience our clients strive to craft for their family and friends. This series will showcase some of the best providers from our vibrant, talented, dedicated wedding industry community we are so proud to be a part of here in Maine and New England. This group of professional wedding vendors understands and adheres to our guiding principles for the service we endeavor to provide our clients: Be Responsive, Be Kind, Provide Excellent Customer Service, Provide the Very Best Product/Service. Because of these wonderful people, the celebrations here are French’s Point Estate are the stuff of which dreams are made!

There are so many wonderful things you should know about Meg Simone of Meg Simone Wedding Films, I almost don’t know where to begin! Meg is one of the most intelligent, kind, talented, community-minded people I have come to know in the wedding industry. I admire her greatly…both personally and her professional work. You can tell from looking at her incredible wedding films that Meg lets her heart and her love for people and their stories lead her. She captures special heartfelt, magical moments and creates from this record, a genuine classic, family-heirloom for her couples to cherish for posterity.

The one regret I had from planning my own wedding 10 years ago, was that I didn’t hire a wedding videographer. Had I known Meg then, she would have been an easy choice to capture my wedding (see Winter) weekend. Let me introduce you to my dear friend, Meg Simone.

-Jessika Brooks, French’s Point Owner

How long have you been operating your business?

I filmed my first wedding in August of 2000 and my business grew from there. I was averaging 30 weddings a year by 2005 while maintaining a second full time “career” but I left that behind and have been full time with just weddings, since 2008.

How would you describe your style?

I’m not one to keep up with cinematic trends, I am definitely a documentarian. My films unfold organically and are genuinely engaging and memorable for people to watch. I take careful attention to character development and storylines and most couples say they feel like they know the people in my films after watching them.

What lead you to become a wedding videographer?

The short version: A sincere and genuine love of documenting real life and adventure, storytelling, and the ability to allow people to relive moments for years and generations to come.

Do you use the new drone technology?

Yes. Many clients have had guests or relatives at their weddings fly their own drones and I’ve been able to incorporate that footage into their films beautifully. I’m working on becoming licensed to fly my own, but until I am officially allowed to commercially fly one for my business,  I provide couples with a list of other professionals they can contract out for that job and then provide me with the video to incorporate into the film. Or, as mentioned above guests, friends, or relatives can provide me with the aerial video clips they capture during the wedding experience.

How many hours of coverage do you suggest for a French’s Point wedding?

If everything is taking place right on property, I could make a memorable feature film with a minimum of 4-6 hours. Ideally, I like to film for 8 to capture all aspects of the day, pre-ceremony through the dance party.

What’s your favorite day trip in Maine?

Anywhere! Every time I set out on an adventure in Maine I end up seeing something new and beautiful that makes me wonder how in the world I got so lucky to be traveling in such a breath-catching location. The coastline, the nooks and crannies, the long winding roads always awake my spirit!

Meg Simone
Meg Simone Wedding Films
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