Vendor Spotlight: The Salt Box Cafe

The Saltbox Cafe
Published May 27th, 2019

“The SaltBox Cafe is Maine’s only Tiny House Food Truck serving gourmet breakfasts, lunches and beverages in Bethel and Portland!” ~The Salt Box Cafe

How long have you been operating your business?

Three years.


What inspired your passion for catering?

Working in local Portland restaurants during culinary school piqued my interest in working for myself in foodservice.


What gave you the idea to create a food truck?

While waiting for a breakfast brunch table to open at a local restaurant on a weekend, I decided to create a breakfast/brunch/lunch food truck for services on the Eastern Promenade in Portland so breakfast, brunch and lunch didn’t require a table for service. I wanted to create a no-wait/outdoors venue for people to gather and enjoy a meal without the confinements of a table or dining room.


How would you describe your fare and service style?

Simple. We focus on simple flavors and menu ideas and do them well. Rather than attempt to create menu items that wow the customer, we chose to focus on what already sells on menus across the state- and refine the structure of the sandwich and make it as flavorful as possible.


Please provide an example menu of your breakfast creations with pricing.

Our brunches start at $1600 as a base rate for up to 75 people. Over 85 is $20 per person, including tax and tip. French’s point is going to incur a $400 travel (from portland) fee which covers road expenses, fuel and labor travel time. for that price I offer a four option menu (breakfast biscuits of either bacon or sausage) handmade crabcake croissants with a lemon-ginger aioli, shaved red onion Gruyere cheese and an over medium fried egg, and a choice of sweet potato or pulled pork breakfast burritos with handmade black beans, greens, sliced scallions and sharp cheddar cheese. we can offer this as half portions (crab cake and burrito, biscuits are standard) as a buffet or per person ordering (full portion). Coffee is included (hot and iced) and I don’t mind picking up a few gallons of OJ. Food is served on paper and foil.


What is your favorite menu option?

the crab cake croissant with gruyere and shaved red onion.


Can you accommodate food allergies?



How early in advance should our clients reach out to you when planning catering for their wedding weekend catering?

six months is preferred, since our calendar begins filling 12 months prior to dates and books full by July for the remainder of the season.


What is your favorite day trip in Maine?

Hands down, route 35-5 from Harrison to Bethel – Gorham NH and back through Bridgton via motorcycle in late summer.

Owner(s) Name:                  Matthew Glatz

Business Name:                   MLG FOODWORKS LLC

Address:                                  currently mobile

City/State/Zip:                     Portland Maine 04102

Phone:                                      207 242 3387



Instagram:                              @saltboxcafemaine