Vendor Spotlight: Sugarbabies Band

French's Point Wedding
Published December 5th, 2016

French’s Point Estate is thrilled to continue our series of blog posts spotlighting amazing Maine wedding vendors that help to make weddings at our waterfront wedding venue not only successful but truly the embodiment of the experience our clients strive to craft for their family and friends. This series will showcase some of the best providers from our vibrant, talented, dedicated wedding industry community we are so proud to be a part of here in Maine and New England. This group of professional wedding vendors understands and adheres to our guiding principles for the service we endeavor to provide our clients: Be Responsive, Be Kind, Provide Excellent Customer Service, Provide the Very Best Product/Service. Because of these wonderful people, the celebrations here are French’s Point Estate are the stuff of which dreams are made!

The Sugarbabies Band performed at French’s Point for the first time back in 2011 and I couldn’t wait to have them back because they were so much fun! They’re so good and so popular that if you have a preferred date less than two years away you better contact them right away. In order to keep up with demand, bandleader, Eytan Nicholson, formed three other bands, one of which is the Goodwill and Them Apples Band. When they performed at French’s Point in 2013, they completely blew us away! Sugarbabies came back to French’s Point in 2014 for Dana and Brian’s wedding and we hope they return again and again. We are happy to be one of their “favorite venues” because they are one of our favorite bands! Meet Eytan and the Sugarbabies Band.

How long have you been operating your business?

We’ve been operating since 2010

What makes your band unique?

Our bands are made up of highly talented young performers from the Berklee College community. We deliver what’s called “Concert Style” performances, which are high energy shows with lots of audience interaction and versatile song styles.

I started the company as my senior project at Berklee. The idea was to build a small live music company that solved some industry problems. We recognized that bands struggle to keep quality year after year as members change, so we put together a unique recruitment and training processes to solve that problem.

I originally had a wedding band in France and toured Europe playing different types of events – so doing more weddings in New England was a no brainer. It’s fun to perform for happy people and help make their celebration epic!

How much time should couples schedule for music on the wedding day?

My suggested timing would be:

  • 1 hour for Ceremony – 30min Prelude 30min Ceremony
  • 1-1.5 hours Cocktails – at French’s Point an extended cocktail hour can really make the most of the beautiful location
  • 4-5 hours for Reception. The goal is to have 1-2 hours for dinner/formalities and 2-3 hours for dancing.
  • 30 minutes -1 hour “Post-Cocktail” or soft-ending. Low-key music, campfire/smores, giving guests a chance to say their goodbye and take a final selfie.

What do you need for space and staging?

We usually ask for 10’x20’ for band staging, but we can use bigger and smaller spaces as well.

How many members are in your band?

We have a few groups. Our bands are usually 7-8 members; I think that’s a perfect size!

We put a lot of effort into helping our clients discover the perfect flow and entertainment choices for their wedding and we take responsibility for the impact of our services. Our performances should be fun for the crowd and the band – Win/Win!

Eytan Nicholson
Sugarbabies Inc.
119 Braintree Street, Suite 403
Boston, MA, 02134
(206) 661-4126


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