Red Flags When Choosing Your Vendors: They Don’t Call You Back

French's Point
Published April 16th, 2013

99% of all major issues on your wedding day are avoidable.
We’ve seen the good, bad and ugly behind the scenes at weddings– and there is an ugly! Our experience as a destination wedding venue has afforded us the wherewithal to avoid problems before they begin. The brides we work with are typically located outside Maine. They rely on us to find the best vendors for their wedding, and we welcome this responsibility as a privilege. We put all of our vendors through a rigorous vetting process, not just once, but on a yearly basis.

For many brides, choosing a photographer, florist, band or cake purveyor means pouring over websites and intensely studying product images and online testimonials. However, a vendor is more than just a pretty website and newsletter. Vendors are people with incredible talents. While vendors have the ability to make your wedding a stunning event to remember, poor communication and human error of a vendor’s part can cause major issues.

Here is the first part of our 5 part series to help you choose the best vendors.

1. They don’t call you back within 24 hours

The most common problem our brides face is finding a vendor who will call them back. This seems counterintuitive since these are brides with budgets, ready to invest in highly competitive services. We take great care at French’s Point to respond to inquiries and requests within two business hours. If we’re totally swamped with an event, we will at least call you back to let you know that we’ll follow up with you at the end of the day or the following day. Any well-respected wedding industry vendor should respond to a client within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard back from a vendor after 24 hours, you should take your business elsewhere. An untimely response may seem like a small issue now, but it is the first indicator of unprofessionalism and unreliability.

When the pressure is on the week before or the day of your wedding, you will be overwhelmingly grateful to have chosen a responsive vendor. A good photographer will return your call regarding a change of schedule and a good cake maker will make your last-minute frosting change without question. A responsive and punctual team of vendors will save you frustration and stress on your big day.