Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Drinks
Published September 4th, 2017

Let’s start off by saying, we hope everything on your wedding day goes off without a hitch. However, with all of the logistics to think about, the many people participating in the event, the dresses and shoes and undergarments, not to mention the emotions involved in a wedding, it’s best to be ready in case something comes up that needs to be fixed, cleaned, pinned or replaced in a pinch.

That’s why we suggest you have a “Wedding Day Emergency Kit” close at hand. The kit should be filled with solutions for every little thing that can come up on the wedding day. Over the years, we’ve experienced several wedding day emergencies, most of which we solved with items from our trusty kit. Here are a few of the most common issues we’ve solved:

  • Soiled bridesmaids dresses (stain sticks)
  • Broken buttons (small sewing kit)
  • Unruly hair (hair spray + bobby pins)
  • Nerves (alcohol + snacks)
  • Difficult dress buttons (crochet hook)
  • Broken boutonnieres (extra pins + matching ribbon)
  • Broken hem (hem tape/double sided tape)
  • Dead cell phone battery (charger + battery boost)
  • Pet fur/traveling lint (lint roller/brush)
  • Missing vows/speech (send it to us first!)

Complete List of Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items

Here are some of the items you’ll want to stock in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Allergy medicine
Baby powder
Baby wipes/antibacterial wipes
Black shoe polish
Blister treatment
Blotting papers
Bobby pins
Body lotion (for dry elbows)
Body tape to secure straps
Bottles of water
Breath mints
Bug spray
Clear Deodorant
Clear nail polish (for stocking runs)
Club Soda (For spot remover)
Corsage pins
Dental floss/toothpicks
Energy drinks or shots
Epi pen
Extension cord and phone charger
Extra earring backs
Extra panty hose
Extra undergarments
Eye drops
Granola bars or other easy-to-eat snacks
Hair pins/ponytail holder
Hair spray
Hand sanitizer
Hand towelettes
Hem tape
Krazy Glue (for nail fixes, shoe heels, decorations, even jewels)
Linen handkerchief
Lint roller
Makeup (for touch-ups) including face power or oil remover pads
Makeup remover
Mini first aid kit
Mini sewing kit (with needles, buttons, and white, brown, black, navy, ivory and nude thread)
Nail file
Pain reliever
Pen and paper
Pepto Bismol or Imodium tablets
Personal medications for wedding party members
Safety pins
Scotch tape
Small folding scissors
Smelling salts (while we don’t expect anyone to faint, it has been known to happen)
Spot remover (we love Shout Wipes)
Stain remover pen
Static-cling spray or dryer sheets
Straws (so you can stay hydrated without messing up your lipstick)
Super glue
Tampons/sanitary napkins
Toothbrush and toothpaste
White and black duct tape
White chalk (to cover up any last minute smudges or smears on your wedding dress)

The most likely scenario is that you’ll plan for all possible contingencies and then won’t need to dip into your kit at all. In that case, turn your Wedding Day Emergency Kit into your Roadside Emergency Kit or gift it to a frined who is getting married after your big day.