Wedding Planning: Parent Gifts

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Published December 19th, 2013

Choosing what to give your parents as a gift for prior as a thank you for your wedding can be a daunting task.  Afterall, how do you thank the people that not only gave you life, but also most likely contributed, whether financially or emotionally (or both!) to the best day of your life (so far)? Of course, there are always framed photos of you and your fiance from your wedding day and the ever-popular custom embroidered handkerchief, but if you’re more of an “outside the box” type of thinker, we’ve got some ideas for you.

A Handwritten Letter of Thanks

Sure this might seem simple, but we guarantee your parents will appreciate hearing how much their support means to you and how far it has gone to make this a special time in your life.

Missing Pieces from their China Set

Chances are your parents have been lusting after your registry list, and wouldn’t mind replacing some of the china they’ve lost over the years. offers a huge inventory of china patterns, whether from back in the day or the present.  If they don’t have your parent’s pattern in their inventory, you can contact them to find it for you!

A Family Style Dinner

Let’s face it, the thing your parents really want is more time with you! Throw a relaxed post-wedding dinner party (after you’ve wound down from all the wedding excitement, of course) or take your parents out to a nice dinner to show them your appreciation and get some much needed immediate family time.  Catch up on the gossip from the wedding and let them ask you about the possibility of grandkids in their future–we promise those moments will mean a lot more to them than any material gift.

Cooking Class at Maine’s Own Stonewall Kitchen

If more time with you is in your parent’s heart, but dinner as a family isn’t in the cards, why not take advantage of Stonewall’s Kitchen Cooking School schedule, and learn how to cook a new cuisine together? Stonewall offers everything from dinner party menu planning to learn how to cook authentic Indian cuisine, meaning theirs an option for every taste bud and skill level.

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