Wedding Planning: The Knot Wedding Gift Registry

French's Point
Published November 28th, 2013

With Black Friday today and Cyber Monday right around the corner, what better way to get our Maine brides and grooms and their generous friends and families in the shopping mood than by acquainting them with an old friend of ours operating under a new name: the knot wedding gift registry (formerly Gift Registry 360).  Born out of a desire to both registers for products from too many stores to count and to register from stores that do not offer registries at all, The Knot Wedding Gift Registry offers couples the option to register for items from any retailer on the web.  Wedding guests can then see all of the items a couple has registered for in one handy place! Not only can couples register for things they need as they build their life together, but The Knot Wedding Gift Registry also allows for couples to add a charity to their registry, in lieu of or in addition to gifts! The best part of this service? Now we can register for items from all of the local Maine artisans we love! Check out some of the local household items we’d put on our registries below.

Himalayan Salt Block from the Salt Cellar, Cotton Herringbone Throw from Brahms Mount, soup tureen for seafood bisque and Caprice aqua glass lamp, both from Nicola’s Home