What Makes French’s Point Special?

French's Point Wedding Venue
Published October 16th, 2013

This is a question posed by many with several answers:
The Obvious – the beautiful private oceanfront setting with unparalleled views and impressive gardens.

The Unique – the numerous benefits of an experienced event coordination company to our “destination” clientele.

The Personal – the intimate tone of the family-owned and operated estates and the way they make our guests feel at “home” while they are with us… that this is their estate for the time they enjoy here.

The Crucial – the amazing group of vendors we have the privilege of working with when we produce celebrations.

As general manager, CEO, owner and chief bottle washer, I know the truth about what makes us shine… our staff & service. We are so fortunate to work with and employ some of the most dedicated, thoughtful, hard-working individuals in Maine. We have team members who have been here with us since our beginning (over 10 years ago now). And every year, we attract several new remarkable members to our team. We find there is great respect among our team for each member. That is something I am so very proud of and grateful for.

We are in all honestly, a bit like family in a few ways. First and foremost, we actually employ several family members from three different families- 3 Higgins women and 4 Ripley women in addition to the Brooks-Brewer ownership team of 3. Additionally, wedding events are great fun to host, but they are also hard work and require trust and devotion from our team members to produce the flawless outcome we strive for. We work long hours and many of us spend more time at FP than we do at home with our own families, myself included. So we truly care for one another like you would family.

As the owner, the very best part of an event for me, is the end. And not for the obvious reason. Just because guests are departing, we still have hours of work ahead of us. No, I enjoy the conclusion of the event because as guests move through our doors at the end of their day with us, they give a blush-inducing number of compliments that make the long hours & sweat-equity investment worth it. We hear how beautiful the estate is, and how amazing the grounds are, and how delicious the food & drinks were. We hear that “this is the best wedding I have ever been to”. But the thing that makes me most proud is the compliments given to our staff. “The service was perfection”, “Your staff is amazing, so friendly and thoughtful” “They anticipated my every need”. “Sarah & Christina had all the details at hand so I didn’t worry at all”. “Eric and the service staff took such good care of my grandparents”.

“Every time I turned around Scott and Kaila were there with a fresh cocktail.” “Erin and the bar servers were awesome!” “My seating plan changed and but before I could worry, Megan had made the adjustments to the seats so my guests never even knew”. I could go on because those words are emblazed on my very soul. The hand-written letters and remarks made by our departing guests multiply each year, which is confirmation that we are doing things the right way and continue to grow and improve at every opportunity we enjoy. The common theme from these remarks is the staff has created a memorable and enjoyable experience for those guests during their time with us. We have the unique privilege of sharing a very special time with our clients, meeting their closest friends and family, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Each of our FP team members understands the significance of this.

Each of them gives a part of themselves to create the flawless experience we strive for. For this, I could not be more grateful.

What makes FP special? Our people.