What Makes French’s Point Unique Series: Part I: The Ocean View

Published December 18th, 2012

What Makes French’s Point Unique: The Ocean View

French's Point Fall WeddingThe distinction makes all the difference when it comes to picking a wedding venue. We at French’s Point think our spot is as unique as they come, and in this series, we’ll briefly touch on a few of our favorite, special things. First up, the view.

French’s Point sits on a private peninsula in mid-coast Maine with 15 acres between our two properties, Beach Rose Farm and the Estate. The beautiful grounds are covered with beach roses (Rosa Rugosa) planted by my mother, and a 280-degree, unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean and Penobscot Bay. Our property faces south, with a view across Penobscot Bay to Fort Point State Park with its lighthouse and tall-ship moorings. To the east, you can see the tip of Verona Island in the distance, and to the west our guests love to watch beautiful sunsets over the cove.

Our bay is relatively serene — we don’t have the bustle of frequent commercial or pleasure craft, only a few slow-moving sailboats and tall ships. The ocean gives off a wonderful, salty aroma that mixes with the sweet beach rose, our own special scent. French’s Point is so close to the water that we end up with a salt wash – a film of salt settling on our bay-facing windows.

The view is the primary reason, beyond our service, that couples choose French’s Point. We are one of the few private locations on the coast of Maine that host events so close to the sea.