Why You Can’t Afford to Not Hire a Wedding Planner

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Published June 30th, 2020

Do you need a wedding planner to help organize, prepare, and execute your wedding? A wedding is, after all, one of the most important and significant occasions in a couple’s lifespan. A moment they will reflect for generations. Making that day a perfect one requires organization, logistical management, and planning over a span of time. It can be overwhelming—following up with the vendors, lodging for guests, rehearsals and rehearsal dinner, the next day brunch, and so on. In a day and age when most people struggle to find a balance between finishing up a degree and advancing a career, planning a wedding can be daunting.

Role of a Wedding Planner
That’s what wedding planners do best. They bring a sense of balance during the entire journey to your wedding day. A wedding planner helps couples conceive, design, organize, implement, and tailor a plan for their wedding. They are great listeners that can bring peace of mind, a calming presence, and a voice of reason throughout the entire process. In the first meeting, the wedding planner will meet (in person, over the phone or virtually) with the couple and discuss their wants, needs, expectations, and all the particulars. They will go over a couple’s budget and give an honest appraisal of what they can expect on that budget.

Wedding planners are professional event planners. Hiring one brings a degree of expertise and know-how that comes from the experience of managing weddings professionally. Having knowledge of the latest wedding trends and design, organizing vendor choices, and implementing your vision and making it a reality, takes experience.

A wedding planner will establish a detail-oriented timeline with you, anticipate and troubleshoot any issues that may arise or come along, and guide you seamlessly and stress-free every step of the way. They can help create and review contracts with vendors, coordinate the vendor arrivals and deliveries at the venues, ensure appointments and obligations are met, help manage your budget, and organize the schedule for the days around the wedding and the wedding day.

Vendor Network
Yes, weddings are momentous occasions, but weddings are also an industry that wedding planners are very much a part of. That industry consists of an expansive network of vendors who provide the services that make weddings happen. An experienced wedding planner is well connected to that network and better positioned to offer choices that fit your plans and budget. They have access to a wealth of vendor resources—ceremony or reception venues, caterers, bridal shops, and so on. They have made a career built on working relationships with vendors that will guarantee their services. When planning a destination wedding, it is most beneficial to hire a planner in the region you are getting married in because of their knowledge of local resources, vendors & logistics. It is also hugely beneficial for them to have specific experience at your chosen venue, so you can make the most of what the property has to offer while there.

Finally, think of a wedding planner as your personal navigator. Yet, as much as they can help see you through the process, there are limits to what they can do for you. For example, they can’t create or advise you on a guest list, they can only inform you on the size of the venue and associated expense for the number of guests on your list. Wedding planners are facilitators that can line up the best vendors to align with your preferences, that provide the best value. However, planners do not sign the contracts or pay them.

They are not decision-makers, either. They can present you with a number of agreeable choices, but you must ultimately make the decisions. They would not be assigning seats at the reception, arrange for the wedding license, stretch or break venue rules for you, or establish a wedding registry and other such things. They might be able to shield you from overly helpful family members or friends but can’t mediate family disputes or disagreements among them.

As the wedding day gets closer, a wedding planner will become a reassuring presence in your life, chasing vendors, bird-dogging details, keeping everyone on task up to and on the wedding day. If you’re still wondering, for the peace of mind alone, it’s really why you can’t afford not to have one.

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