How to Choose Your First Dance Song

French's Point
Published July 10th, 2017

During your wedding reception, you may choose to hit the dance floor for a few magical minutes alone for the first dance as a married couple. The first dance song can really tell the story of your romance, both as it was and especially how it is. Whether fast or slow, traditional or non-traditional, the first dance song should be something you can relax into and enjoy.

How to choose your first dance song

For some couples, choosing their first dance song is easy: they have their song and it makes sense for their first dance. Some couples choose to honor their parents by dancing to the song that their parents danced to at their wedding years ago. Other couples choose a song that fits with the theme of their wedding, like a jazzy number for an art-deco-inspired wedding.

If you don’t have a favorite song or a theme to guide you, it’s a good idea to take some time to think about what type of song you are both comfortable dancing to. Here are some of my favorites that could work well for your first dance.

Classic First Dance Songs

Modern Romantic First Dance Songs

Country Music First Dance Songs

Fresh and Nontraditional First Dance Songs

Are you looking to really make your first dance something to remember? Do you have some killer dance moves that you want to show off? Consider choreographing a mash-up of traditional, romantic, modern and fun – all of the jams that speak to you as a couple. You can even invite your wedding party to join you on the dance floor for the last song of the number to kick off a dance party you’ll remember forever!