10 Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony_French's Point Maine Wedding Venue
Published September 26th, 2023

Some elements of traditional weddings have been around for thousands of years, like the tradition of wedding rings, which dates back at least to the time of Alexander the Great. Other wedding traditions are surprisingly more recent. The tradition, in Western weddings, of brides wearing white wedding dresses, didn’t catch on until the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, which set the precedence until current times.


In today’s world, many couples are choosing to have unique wedding ceremonies that reflect who they are and infuse their celebration with personal and meaningful elements that are less traditional. If you’re looking for nontraditional wedding ceremony ideas, for your own celebration, read on:


1. Have a flower puppy instead of the traditional flower girl. Pets are family, and what better way to celebrate your marriage than to give your well-behaved pooch a role in your wedding ceremony.


2. Wear bright colors. Instead of white or ivory for the bride and black, gray, or blue for the groom, choose vibrant colors that are as exuberant as you are on this special occasion.


3. Come in costume. If you love cosplay, why wait till Halloween? If you and your spouse-to-be bonded over a shared fandom, let it show on your wedding day. Your guests will gladly join the fun & dress to suit the theme.


4. Put your guests in a circle. Instead of having them sit in rows of chairs while you’re in the front, seat your guests in a circle, with you and your beloved in the middle. That way, everyone has a front-row seat, and you will be surrounded on all sides by the love of your friends and family.


5. Ditch the traditional wedding cake and have your favorite dessert or treat instead. If you’re not a big fan of cake, how about having a wedding pie  – or wedding donuts?


6. Livestream the wedding. If you have friends and loved ones who weren’t able to attend for health or other reasons(common for destination weddings particularly), having them watch a live stream is the next best thing. 


7. Play a different tune. Instead of the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” wedding march, let your favorite songs accompany you down the aisle.


8. Wear comfy sneakers or sandals under your long dress. You’ll enjoy your day more when your feet feel good.


9. Switch colors. Have the bride wear a gray, black, or blue dress, and the groom wear a white tux.


10. Include some traditional elements in your nontraditional wedding, but make them your own. A unique ceremony may be a custom blend of expected and unexpected elements. Keep only the traditions with a powerful meaning for you, and replace or skip the rest.


French’s Point offers the perfect backdrop for a nontraditional wedding, one with great meaning and personalization. At this unique wedding venue, you can rent an entire Maine oceanfront estate for a weekend, just for you and your guests to enjoy in private splendor. It’s a special place where lifelong memories are made for everyone who is fortunate enough to attend.


Photo by The Libbys