What to Wear to a Wedding

Wedding Guests
Published May 14th, 2018

Informing your guests of the level of formality of your wedding day may feel like a daunting task. Our friends at The Black Tux have created a way to make this process a little bit simpler. Once you have chosen your wedding gown, your venue, the vision of the decor, your rentals, and your menu and meal service style,  it is important to educate your guests on what to wear to this celebratory event.  Your guests will thank you for making this clear.

The Use of Pinterest

One way to educate them is through Pinterest. We created an example board called, “Be Our Guest” that helps you envision what we have seen at French’s Point. You can use our board, or create your own to help you guests follow your overall dress formality for your big day. The most popular dress codes we have seen at French’s Point are a mix between Beach Formal and Black Tie Optional where guests are wearing a mixture of florals and heels and summer suits and ties.

Informing Your Guests on Your Wedding Website

Without your guests seeing the decor and all the fine details coming together, the design of the invitation might not be enough to inform them of what to wear. Another way we suggest educating your friends and family about what you wear is on your wedding website or app. You may not have room on your invitation to say more than a couple of words about the dress code, but on your website, you can share the definition from The Black Tux or share links to places such as a Pinterest board or blog post.

Don’t Forget to Dress in Layers!

And don’t forget! We always suggest informing your guests that they prepare to dress in layers to accommodate rising and falling temperatures over the course of the day. No matter if you are having a winter, fall, summer or spring celebration, we always want you and your guests to be comfortable for whatever weather that blows our way!